Vol. 110 n.1

1-9 Immunological and ultrastructural characterization of plasma cells of human periapical chronic inflammatory lesions (granulomas) Alberto Gasparoni, Mari Regoli, Maria Della Casa,
Michele Fonzi and Luciano Fonzi
11-31 Interstitial cells of Cajal: once negligible players,
now blazing protagonists
Maria Simonetta Faussone-Pellegrini
33-44 Signs of normal proliferation in the telencephalon of adult male songbirds ( Serinus serinus), as shown by PCNA-positivity Vito Margotta, Brunella Caronti, Antonio Morelli and Laura Alfei
45-49 The relation between the acupoint structures and the clinical therapeutic effects Feng Ifrim-Chen and Mircea Ifrim
51-57 Acupuncture and meridians: a histochemical study Feng Ifrim-Chen and Mircea Ifrim

Vol. 110 n.2

59-74   Expression of PCNA positivity in the brain of normal adult heterothermic Vertebrates: further observations     Vito Margotta , Antonio Morelli and Brunella Caronti    
75-82 Cytokeratin changes in cell culture systems of epithelial cells isolated from oral mucosa: a short review Alberto Gasparoni, Christopher Alan Squier and Luciano Fonzi
83-91 Intercellular junctions in oral epithelial cells: ultrastructural and immunological aspects Alberto Gasparoni, Christopher A. Squier and Luciano Fonzi
93-100 In vivo effects of a novel degradable filler Tiziana Punzi, Massimo Gulisano, Nazareno Cammarota,
Carmelo Protopapa, Domenico Caporale, Marco Ruggiero and Stefania Pacini
101-110 Main and accessory renal arteries. A morphological study Pushpa Dhar and Kumud Lal
111-123 Autonomic and sensitive somatic innervation of the ostrich elbow and knee joints articular capsule Giovanni Palmieri, Luisa Bo Minelli, Maddalena Botti, Ferdinando Gazza, Salvatore Desantis, Michele Deflorio, Giuseppe Costa, Maria Grazia Cappai and Franca Acone

Vol. 110 n.3

175-192 Distribution and role of myenteric nitrinergic neurons
in the horse esophagus
Saverio M. Peirone, Graziana Gambino, Guido Filogamo

Vol. 110 n.4

193-207 GFAP expression in the liver as an early marker
of stellate cells activation
Sergio Morini, Simone Carotti, Guido Carpino, Antonio Franchitto, Stefano Ginanni Corradini, Manuela Merli and Eugenio Gaudio
209-223 Histological Changes in the Alveolar Structure of the Rat Lung after Exposure to Hyperoxia Mohamed Akram Al-Motabagani
225-236 Indirect immunofluorescence study on the cytoskeleton of normal (FG) and neoplastic (SGS/3A) Cadmium treated fibroblasts Roberto Madeddu, Antonia Aranega, Nicolo` Arena,
Lucia Malaguernera, Juan Antonio Marchal, Jose` Carlos Prados, Houria Boulaiz and Alessio Pirino
237-245 PCNA-negativity in the telencephalon of adult female (Serinus serinus): absence of signs of normal proliferation Vito Margotta and Brunella Caronti
247-254 Histotopographic study of the rectovaginal septum Carla Stecco, Veronica Macchi, Andrea Porzionato, Cesare Tiengo, Anna Parenti, Mario Gardi, Walter Artibani and Raffaele De Caro
255-260 Detection of apoptosis in human brainstem by TUNEL assay Carla Stecco, Andrea Porzionato, Veronica Macchi, Gloria Sarasin, Alessandra Calcagno, Anna Parenti and Raffaele De Caro