Vol. 111 n.1

Morphological and histological study of the (Struthio Camelus L.) liver and biliary system
Maria Rita Stornelli, Maria Paola Ricciardi, Elisabetta Giannessi and Alessandra Coli
9-14 Measurement of active abduction of metacarpophalangeal joints via electronic digital incinometric technique Hulya Gurbuz , Recep Mesut and Fatma Nesrin Turan
15-22 Multiplicity of the variations in ventral branches of abdominal aorta Hulya Ucerler and Z. Asli Aktan Ikiz
23-30 Three-dimensional geometrical models of the liver Daniele Peri, Edoardo Ardizzone, Salvatore Gaglio, Aldo Gerbino, Maria Buscemi, Riccardo Mandracchia, Biagio Valentino,
Francesco Cappello, Rosaria Lo Verde, Vito Marciano and Giovanni Peri
31-44 Sensitive innervation of the copulatory organ in Struthio camelus: comparison to the corresponding district in female proctodeum Giovanni Palmieri, Maria Grazia Cappai, Giuseppe Costa, Luisa Bo Minelli, Maddalena Botti, Salvatore Desantis, Aldo Corriero and Franca Acone
45-64 Differentiation: an encouraging approach to anticancer therapy Juan Antonio Marchal, Fernando Rodriguez-Serrano, Joaquin Campos, Roberto Madeddu, Houria Boulaiz, Antonio Martinez-Amat,
Esmeralda Carrillo, Octavio Caba, Jose´ C. Prados, Celia Velez, Consolacion Melguizo, Andrea Montella and Antonia Aranega

Vol. 111 n.2

65-82 Peripheral neurons innervating the extrinsic smooth penile musculature of the pig: experimental study by retrograde transport and immunohistochemistry Maddalena Botti, Luisa Ragionieri, Luisa Bo Minelli, Ferdinando Gazza, Franca Acone, Rino Panu and Giovanni Palmieri
83-96 Lectin binding in the ependymal cells of the cephalic portion of the nervous system in the chick embryo Gherardo Gheri, Debora Vichi and Eleonora Sgambati
97-104 A Histological Study on the Prenatal Development of the Palatal Rugae in the White Rat Mohamed Akram Motabagani
105-110 Histological characteristics of the deep fascia of the upper limb Carla Stecco , Andrea Porzionato, Veronica Macchi,
Cesare Tiengo, Anna Parenti, Roberto Aldegheri,
Vincent Delmas and Raffaele De Caro
111-123 Behaviour of nitric oxide synthase isoforms in inflammatory human joint diseases: an immunohistochemical study. Debora Di Mauro, Linda Bitto, Letterio D’Andrea,
Angelo Favaloro, Oddone Giacobbe, Ludovico Magaudda, Giuseppina Rizzo and Fabio Trimarchi.

Vol. 111 n.3

125 -131 Expression of p63 transcription factor in ectoderm-derivedoral tissues Marco Casasco, Antonia Icaro Cornaglia, Federica Riva, Alberto Calligaro and Andrea Casasco
133-149 A role for transforming growth factor-beta1 in maintaining the differentiated state of Langerhans cells in human epidermis Laura Pieri, Lola Domenici and Paolo Romagnoli
151-158 Observation of the position of the lingula in relationto the mandibular foramen and the mylohyoid groove Flora M. Fabian
159-170 A light and electron microscopic study of the limb long bones perichondral ossification in the quail embryo (Coturnix coturnix japonica) Aris F. Pourlis, John Antonopoulos and Ioannis N. Magras
171-178 Morphology of neuropeptide Y immunopositive ganglia in the mouse pancreas Ainory Peter Gesase1 and Yoh-Ichi Satoh

Vol. 111 n.4

179-176 Bilateral hands and feet postaxial polydactyly presenting with renal vascular anomalies Ainory Peter Gesase
187-198 The thigh extension of the small saphenous vein: a hypothesis about its significance, based on morphological, embryological and anatomo-comparative reports Fabrizio Barberini, Alvise Cavallini and Alberto Caggiati
199-214 Muscle in exercise. Role of different fatty acids in diets Paola Castrogiovanni and Rosa Imbesi
215-220 Anomalous jugular veins system in an adult male cadaver Flora Masumbuo Fabian and Ainory Peter Gesase
221-246 The killing of neurons by b-amyloid peptides, prions, and pro-inflammatory cytokines Anna Chiarinia, Ilaria Dal Praa, James F. Whitfieldb and Ubaldo Armato